“The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow.”

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My birthname: Melissa, but my second name: Zohra

I’m a woman in the first place, a mother, a soul that is exploring herself every day again.

I have always been this person who is different then others, in all kinds of ways and all kinds of thinking. My dreams are my secret to being creative and active. Well, i do need to mark that some of them are pretty unrealistic, but that’s who i am. A loving and understanding person is how i describe myself. I will always be a soul who enjoys listening to others. About their stories, ideas, thoughts. Simply because that’s how i create a image about life every single time. And hell yeah i do learn from that!

Even i’m really young, i still need to explore myself in so many ways! And i do not even know where the future brings me, what i do hope is that my plans bring joy and purpose in my life. All i know now is that i love making art, learning about skin care, enjoying myself with photography and obviously love blogging, i love reading and writing blogs and so on. That’s one of the main reason i started this so called – unprofessional – blog, lol.

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Yes, i’m always excited about sharing my crazy experiences with others. And i do hope you guys take a piece of my articles and learn from them. Hoping you get inspired aswell! The purpose of this blog is, connecting with other beautiful souls, and to be a motivation to others. Anyone can blog, and anyone can get their minds on a piece of paper.


Please, do not doubt if you like to send me an e-mail about your thoughts, or simply like to talk! Send me; blogbyzohra@yahoo.com


*Blowing lots of love and blessings to you.

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