As the title says, im’ totally ready for sweater weather! The reason why i love this season of the year is simply (and i’m going to be honest) because i finally don’t need to control my eating habits any longer, because everyone knows that foodbaby pops up straight after lunch. And to me that’s such a hate moment.

Today i chose for a oversized, basic and comfy grey sweater from the online shop called: Mustwearfashion. These days are all about being warm enough but still showing that casual vibes. We simply don’t always need to show some legs or arms to feel confident and sexy. As we are heading to the cold winter times, fitting this with a pair of overknee boots is just the perfect combination.




For my bag i chose the Versace Jeans in black, making the complete outfit just looking extra and interessting.


And a simple black blazer from Vero Moda completes the whole outfit. No eye catching colours, not so ‘out of the box’. Just a everyday look that makes it just a little extra. Extra in sweaters, in boots and bags. Nothing ‘extraordinary’. And that’s how love it!


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