It just happened to be love on the first sight, i have seen this foundation in tons of reviews on Youtube, and the thoughts of the formula were divided. Some liked it, some hate it. But i had to give this one a fair shot. Because these days i tend to look through the products, not only because some people use them wrong, or simply we often don’t see the mistakes some might take by applying. Obviously people use foundations with their own trusted methods, but some foundations require special methods by applying. 



So here i am trying the Dermacol Filmstudio Foundation. The brand says it’s a: ‘Hypoallergenic waterproof foundation with SPF30 that provides perfect coverage for all skin imperfections even in a thin layer’.  This foundation has over 50 percent pigments, that’s… A LOT! 

When trying the foundation this texture was so thick and creamy, i tend to use a drop of oil (which in the end i did do in day 2) to make it more smooth. I gave this gorgeous 2 days of convincing me. 

Day ONE: Just applying one tear drop from this foundation without any drop of oil, nor any concealer corrector. And i found it very thick, it accentuated my pores even more simply because i didn’t add any oil so far, which made me feel a little uncomfy going out. It had just to much texture, although if you had seen me from far, i looked like a pale goddess *laughs. Did it stay well? Yes, and in the end of the day i felt like my pores wanted to kill me. I don’t recommend using this foundation without any adjustments. BUT, that cream did cover all my imperfections and little spots. I was impressed! Remind yourself guys: it’s a foundation especially for photoshoots, filmediting, and that makes the product all obvious and actaully very good. 

20814847_1996079070672266_2014039781_n (1)
Day ONE: only using dermacol foundation

Day TWO: I think i made a freaking revolution. I mixed this dermacol foundation with my fav FIT ME foundation from Maybeline and a lil drop of NUXE oil. And i don’t know how to describe this formula from the seventh heaven. a finger tip from both, and my coverage was full, no texture, no pores, no accentuation. Just smooth and i don’t even dear to say this: but natural. I had the best make-up day yesterday so far. It did stay the whole day in it’s place, no creasing, no fading. But keep note’s: it’s a filmstudio…foundation. My selfie’s did look freaking perfect thought. 

Day TWO: mix with fit me and dermacol

Obviously this dermacol foundation should always be added with another foundation type (preferring a liquid formula) because these are just two different world’s and when u mix and match you end up having a holy grail method. I’m having good vibes with this one! What do you guys think? 


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