Since i made myself the promise to steam my face weekly i have seen surprisingly big improvements around my T-zone area and cheeks. I got so excited about this product for so long i kept delaying making a blog post about this with such busy weeks right now. But here i am, showing you this babe that keeps my face in good condition. A true saturday ritual of mine.

The benefits of steaming is so crucial. Thinking of having so much dirt in your pores makes you want to have rillings. But it’s a nature thing.  We daily come across polluted air, there no way to skip that. Dirty hands, sweat, make up, you name it. It really does affect your pores to enlarge faster. unfortunately it’s partly genetically determined, but minimizing pores is not easy. You probably end up in the chair of a dermatologist with a pricy bill. So steaming makes sure the impurities are literally dropping of your face, it makes your pores in other words clean till the core. Makes sure your facial products absorb a lot better and stimulates the blood vessels which means a heathy and glowing skin!


DSC_0035 (2).JPG


I used to steam my face with a bowl of hot water with some etheric oils. That’s a more cheap way to do it. But ending up with a stiff neck isn’t pleasant. So i ended up buying this Face steamer from Lanaform. This brand is so popular for it’s wellness products and beauty facial and body devices. Beginning from the diamond dermabrasion till of course the facial steamer.

God, i love it so much! I use it once a week with some tea tree oil and let the steam do the hard work. Applying a facemask, steam, another face mask, steam again and have a happy skin! As the hot steam opens the pores it’s so much easier for your mask to do it’s work. And i end up feeling like i just had a chill in the hammam. smearing a moisturizer and having make up on will give you a more flawless look.

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2 replies on “Saturday rituals: face steaming

  1. How come I never heard about this before?! I have been using a nice natural sponge to clean my face and have been thinking for a while of getting a proper mechanical cleanser but never heard about this. Seems a great idea! 🙂


    1. They are such a well known brand, really do love their beauty devices! I do say i really see the differences in my face when i end up skipping a weekend with no facial steaming. Since use it i got rid of almost all my blackheads and my face is more clear overall! You should try it. ❤️


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