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As a parent, i often skip the part where i take proper care of my skin. Days where i end up forgetting being lazy to wipe of my make-up, or delay my ‘washing hair’ day. My agenda is often so busy, with a job, an education, a household a child  and a bunch of hobby’s, i end up forgetting about my me-time.

For this month i’ve bought so much of the good stuff. From a rich body milk to an delicious smelling hair mist. As i’m obsessed with anything to do with fragrance and beauty creme’s in all sizes and purposes.


DSC_0042 (2).jpg

DSC_0029 (2).jpg

For the difference i treated myself with the hair mist from J’adore Dior. It has such a perfect compensation if you mix it with other fragrances from Dior, smelling like luxury, feeling confident and flawless. This one here is oil based, to insure your hair won’t get damaged. As by body perfumes, the added alcohol isn’t safe to spray onto your hair, it could cause frizzy and dull hair. Having tons of colleagues smelling my hair this week, and giving me complements makes me feel satisfied.

‘Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse’ is a multiple usage oil, which i used for my hairtips, face and lips. I have fallen in love with the fragrance from the oils, it smells so seductive sweet and makes you want to smear that whole bottle of summer onto your body and hair. I’ve purchased the two of them bottles,I use the OR edition especially on my lips and hair for the shimmery and shiny effects.

DSC_0019 (2).jpg

In addition to the Nuxe oils, i’ve bought the 24 hour Moisturizing body lotion from the Nuxe skin care line. As the fragrance is slightly different from the oils, it still smells wonderful and sweet. Mixing these two products together makes a nice compromise, where you feel as if you left just left from an wellness.

For the brand -4711- eau de cologne, it’s how i call it a body mist is very sweet and spicy at the same time. mixing peaches with a little coriander gives you the summer onto your body.  I rob it behind my ears and a little in my neck to get ready. You got to be a lover for this smell, it takes not everyone to appreciate this fragrance, as the smell is so unique. Spraying to much of it can cause you to have an headache, lol. When this bottle is empty i’ll put it somewhere on my sideboard as decoration because it’s simply eye catching.


And last but not least. I came across this brand called Sjankara, which i have never heard before of. What i do know is it’s a belgian made product. I did bought this in a special bio drugstore. And i’m very excited about this creme. Honestly after applying it feels like food for my face. By dapping your finger and taking a tiny bit is enough to keep your face safe for the day. It has no smell to it, which is kind of dissapointing, but for some of us it can be positive.


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