An medieval city with incredible history 

If there is one thing I feel very lucky and proud about, is being born into a city full of amazing and inspiring history as they also call it Venice of the North. The city it’s self is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO. As a very curious person myself i do like to be tourist in my hometown. I know lots of people whom are just as me born and raised in Bruges and asking themselves why this place could be so special? They do end up telling there aren’t really activities to keep them informed or at least interested about the city they grew up in. And i always wonder… are they blind lol? So here i am proving them all wrong!


Bruges is to me and many others the city of Art. Think about one the most famous painting Art masters Jan van Eyck or Jacob Van Oost. There is no doubt that many tourist come to visit Bruges especially for the most wonderful paintings painted by Masters whom found their way to this city.



If you have any interests in the world of the primitive Flemish Art starting from the 15th century up till the late 20th century, this place called Groeningemuseum is where you should go or at least add to your bucket list! Located in the middle of the centre in the Dijver. This museum with amazing Masterpieces are filling your eyes and mind with knowledge understanding the stories from Bruges, life in generale, the Masters themselves and the beautiful compromise: Art mixed with religion.

DSC_0362 (2).jpg
Master painting by Jan van Brussel: Dual Justice; created in 1477 or 1499: oil on panel.
DSC_0378 (2)
Master painting by Gustave van de Woestyne: Last Supper Created in 1927: oil on canvas

A few hundred Master paintings are shown in this beautiful museum. A rare moment to be said.

EXPO Picasso

After been working the entire day i treated myself with a ticket to the exposition of Pablo Picasso. A few hundred original Art Masterpieces exposed in a very historical building created in the mid 12th century called Oud Sint-jan, an medieval hospital. Whether you are Art related or not, probably everyone ever heard the name ‘Pablo Picasso’ of his drawings. I might sound very harsh now, but i think it’s a must for every resident from Bruges and surroundings to visit this expo and get the opportunity to enjoy from worlds well-known Artist. It’s actually a cause for tourists to come and visit Bruges.

“Tete de jeune fille” by Pablo Picasso created in 1947
DSC_0114 (2).jpg
“Femme neu” by Pablo Picasso created in 1969
Series of Original Art pieces by Pablo Picasso

After the exposition i came automatically into the shop related to Picasso’s work. How i did not know you could actually BUY an original Art work out of Eight. And i must admit the prices were relatively good priced. Starting from 560 up till 1110,00 euros. Obviously if you are into Art you should know that it’s a great investment for your collection.

I made myself The promise to buy before December one of his Art pieces. The eager to have some Art in my hallway by Picasso makes me have an goal to save some money, lol. By the end of December the exposition will unfortunately end. So for the difference i bought myself an repro version anyway, lol. I just wanted to have something for now till i’ll buy an original masterpiece. How should i call it, to compensate?


Repro version “Danseurs” Inspired by a group of Russian Ballet dancers.

torture Museum ‘De oude steen’


It sounds very to almost illogically to visit a museum that exposes tons of ways how they tortured people in medieval Bruges. I must admit that this museum is by so far the best of all when it comes to explanation and depicting. It’s so fascinating. It really opens your eyes to the world how it was back then, when people where accused for the smallest things.

I told the musea employee that this exposure has achieved its goal, realizing how the medieval lifestyle ‘worked’, being shocked, overwhelmed and happy that I live in 2017, so for many others whom visited this museum. I felt so sorry for the people whom have gone through this, saw this and felt this. We have no idea how lucky we are.

DSC_0019 (2)DSC_0022 (2)

DSC_0058 (2)DSC_0072

As i’m now getting addicted to anything about historical facts that has to do with Bruges, i’ll be having more and more appreciation for my city. The day i hear another ‘Bruggeling’ telling me that Bruges is boring and has nothing to offer to explore or do, i’ll twist his ears, hehehe.


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