My investment…BAGS!

If people ask me if i’m a shoe or a bag girl, the answer is very clear; my bags are my precious pearls. I don’t care about the price that much to be honest. I see them as an investment, lol. I know that’s the best excuse! Later on, when the day i’m old, my daughter will receive all my bags, in the hope that she keeps them, and take good care for them and when she’s growing old that she may give it to her kids, who knows. It’s all about the heritage with a beautiful memory and story inside a family. I sound like a retard right now, but that’s how i think. :p

DSC_0244 (2)


Love on the first sight.

So i do end up saving money Β to spend it on decent leathered bags. Once in a while thought, i’m not that crazy. I take my time on choosing good ones. No joke. And i have to tell you guys also, i use them on daily basis, to work, to school and obviously in my spare time. Till today they’re all in great condition.

The another day i saw this gorgeous baby passing on my screen, as i searched for the brand called; Royal RepubliQ, i noticed that it’s a very young brand. And that’s awesome to me. They are only based in Copenhagen and Amsterdam. That may be the reason why i have never seen someone before in my entire life with a bag like this. And surprisingly i have not seen any review about this brand on the internet.

These bags are so stunning to me. These are basic bags with quality leather but they all do look so antique, casual and sophisticated. And i do have to say, this is SO SO my personality. Scary to say that haha. But i think it was love on the first sight.

DSC_0250 (2)DSC_0253 (2)

This one is called; EMPRESS HANDBAG in the color COGNAC

Size; hight 25 CM, length 28 CM, width 15 CM

Price; 199;95

The zip closes and opens very smoothly, just HEAVEN. This bag isn’t very large, but large enough to put your personal stuff in it. I’ve read on their website that every bag is individually created by skilled craftsmen. That means, some imperfections. To me that’s part of being unique and characteristic.Β I can only say, i’m happy with my purchase!

And honestly i can not wait to buy another one from this brand.

1976095721442716020916 (1)

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