Brighten the cold days.

Every woman likes to have colors on her lips. Now that winter is coming, I bought my perfect combined colors of Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme to brighten the cold and dark days. Since these months, especially when it comes to boring tones, I think your lips may look ‘alive’.

Even though I was not really a big fan of liquid lipsticks, because again I had this disturbing feeling on my lips. That retracted feeling on my lips, terrible it is. It was the great reason for me to keep it with simple solid lipsticks.

I came across these amazing looking liquid lipsticks all over the internet again. The notorious claims this liquid lipstick matt should remain for long on the lips was enough to buy it and just try myself.


I’m just in love! These liquid lipsticks dry up very quickly after applying to the lips, with no lip pencil required for correcting. The cover of this lipstick is just amazing. After one layer your lips are completely covered with the intense color of this Milani Lipstick.

Your Liquid Lipstick stays for no less than 6 to 8 hours without food and drink. Know that as soon as you drink or eat, the color fades and this will start crumbling through the matte texture.


I have done a lot of research for this type of lipstick and there were many complaints that women did not like this kind of lipstick because it could leave a lot of wrinkles afterwards as if they looked dry. Perhaps maybe if your lips are not taken care of.

Before you apply the color, your lips must really be scrubbed, well-groomed and hydrated to prevent these wrinkles. Only then will you get perfect results! There are 28 different colors in this type of Lipsticks. They are so lovely.

Β Items

Babe 23

Cherish 24

Honey 30

Precious 11

Devotion 14

Fling 26


Dark colors are all the way in today. No it does not matter if your lips are fuller or thinner. Even though many think that dark shades make the lips look even thinner as they are, this is a big lie! Dark colors make your lips appear more full of contrast with your hue. Pale, brown, dark all goes pretty well with it.

You have to get used to it. That was the same case for me! I must honestly admit that i was afraid of dark shades, but crazy enough I realized that dark shades just accentuated my entire face and lips. So why do not give it a try?

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