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It all sounds very superficial what I’m going to write down here, and you know what’s actually really damaging hair, but you always deny the fact. And at the expense of your beautiful hair, especially the time and energy you put into your hair to make grow it smoothly and healty.

Believe or not, these 4 are the biggest hair wrong-doers. And make sure you can take a little more distance from these 4 bad guys to give your hair a nice comeback.

straighteners and hairdryers

You know that your hair becomes very fragile and frizzy when you dry your hair with a brush, curling brush and name it. Even though it does not seem like that. Your hairs feel particularly stiff after drying your hair. Drying your hair with a hair dryer will cause damage to your hair, especially your ends.

Not to mention drying your hair with a straightener, believe me some of us do so. I tell you know, stop it before you break your hair even more. Thank me later.

DSC_0287 (4).JPG


Make sure that as soon as your hair is wet, try as much as possible to dry your hair very gentle with a towel. Here too you have to work extremely smoothly. Try to press it with a towel. After this, make sure you apply a nourishing serum to the tips and middle of your towel dry hair. This ensures that your hair is fed more.

Hair elastics

This is one of the most common reasons why hair breaks so easily.  The tighter into your hair , the more you run the risk of damaged hair. Here too, the piece of metal that holds both ends is the most important offender. You know, the pain you have then? Just stay away from it.


Here’s a simple alternative. And you may find them everywhere in a random drugstore or pharmacy in your area. A piece of elastic/fabric that sits together is the safest thing you can use for your hair. It also feels much smoother when you want to “pull” the wide fabric. You immediately notice that your hair does not get stuck at all. Super handy to have this in your beautycase.


 Wet hair brush.

Never brush your hair while wet. Just when they are wet, your hair is extra sensitive and with emphasis on the ends. Because your hair is very fragile, and extra sensitive you would rather not use a basic brush. So try to delay it until your hair is of course dried.


However, you can take care and make sure you use a comb with wide teeth if you really can not wait for your hair to dry. A comb is generally advised to detach the hair.

 Washing to often!

Did you know that your hair should be washed maximum 3 times a week? This is to make the tallow production and natural oils work. That way your hair will be really less oily than you would think. Excessively washing your hair, conditioning causes dull, greasy and fragile hair. Also because your scalp can be so affected, it loses its neutral PH value and sebum production that leads to excessive scalp and hair.


Believe me the first and second time trying not to wash it for over more then 3 days is… HARD. But give it a try, and you’ll see with your own eyes!

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