Organic Wear, just natural

This is a drugstore brand, which is not immediately known. It is an American make up brand that attracts a lot of customers looking for soft and organic make up. The line does not appear to be ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ at the moment, due to the drastic and colorful displays, make up covers from powders to mascara’s to foundations. Not that it makes a difference of course.

I did not let me question myself and for the sake of clarity, i went and asked the shopkeeper if physicians formula certainly offers ‘100 percent natural organic’ make up. With a clear yes as answer i felt so happy.

I was haha in the seventh heaven. So with this I took it easy and bought a foundation right away, because even though I do not carry a lot of makeup, foundation is something I always have to have. Therefore, my purchase. Also mascara is something that I do wear everyday, I immediately bought a drastic striking mascara.

youthful wear

I have to be honest, it was not the best foundation i have had. It appeared way too dark on my skin tone, and this one was the lightest shade they sell. They only sell 3 shades thought. That was very disappointing. My face was covered with a mask…

They do smell very nice, like coconut.Β You have them in 3 shades like said before;






Organic wear mascara

I’ve tested this nice looking mascara for a few days, I think this mascara gives a very beautiful and natural volume to the lashes. After applying a first time, it makes your eyelashes extremely long. What I find super, because that makes my eyes look more beautiful (of course). I have purchased this mascara for the first time and do not use any lumps of lumps on my lashes. They therefore do not seem fake.

The mascara does not have a precise odor, it just smells very neutral if I can name it so? I do not usually have to smell a mascara if it does the job done for me.

The only downside to this mascara I personally find that the mascara is “drying up” less quickly? After half a day to get this mascara I still have to realize if I feel hard at my lashes that I get mascara on my fingers. With this it is not smart to rub in your eyes if you know that this mascara does not really dry up.


benefits: Immediately apply super long eyelashes after the 1st time
No clumps. It also looks very natural, like you have very long eyelashes.

disadvantages: Dries up slowly

Prices are 19,95 euro’s for the foundation, 15 euro’s for the mascara

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