Wipe it off at one time! 

This home-made DIY i really wanted to share this with you guys for so long! Because today’s so hard to actually have a good make up remover that wipes it all off one time. Many chemicals added in almost all makeup removers that you find so far on the market. What’s not fun, because the most common added ingredient in makeup removers is obviously alcohol. This makes the skin dry out as its use. And that’s the last thing you want.
Unfortunately, many people do not know that you’ve made your own makeup remover in 1-2-3 with just… olive oil and castor oil. It is by so far 100 percent the most effective, natural and well-functioning make-up remover you’ll try out. I use this home-made make up remover and as far as I know, this is the most effective one. 

The best part is, it’s safe for every skin type. It hydrates your upper skin at it’s best, and won’t leave any dry spots (because no alcohol added).

What needed:

Pure cold olive oil 

Castor oil

Empty bottle 

How to: 

Take 3 tablespoons of each oil and add to the empty bottle.

Add 5 drops of water and shake the bottle sufficiently so that the oils are mixed together.

Take a cotton pad and add the mixture.

Et voilà!

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