Miracles happen after a night sleeping

If you have dry and damaged hair you will have heard that you occasionally can wrap your hair with a nourishing oil. Indeed, wrapping your hair with vitamin rich and natural oils can make dry and damaged hair after the very first time application smooth and practical, in addition, it keeps your hair hydrated and the points can recover, at least if they are not very bad to be on hand. Mixing various natural nutrient oils can do miracles after a night’s sleep. Not only does it help with the aforementioned effects but also a remedy for people with a very dry, itchy scalp.

This type of treatment is only recommended for people with especially thick, dry and damaged hair. Most people with curls and crunchy hair benefit greatly from these hot oil treatments and see how they work well.

It is used as a hair mask and must therefore withdraw for at least a few hours. The most common way is to spend this night just before bedtime in the hair and protect it with a hairline or hair cap and then flush it out the next morning and use 2 time a gentle natural mild shampoo.  Conditioner is definitely not required with this oil mask, the hot oil treatment has done its job well to get the hair soft, supple and manageable. Such an oil treatment will take you once a week, and this every week to get good effects. So do not worry such a treatment takes up to 5 minutes.

Whatever you can do, after drying your hair, use a post-care to supplement and protect your hair’s tips if they are really damaged. For this, I personally would like to use pure bio argan oil.

Common oils used

Coconut oil: This is about the base for any hot oil treatment and is therefore a must to add to each mask for optimal results. For the only positive effects, coconut oil makes the hair soft and prevents split ends, as well as restoring of split ends. Additionally it’s a stimulating effect to grow well, healthy and fast.
Argan oil: Argan oil in itself is a miracle, such a big must and ensures that hair is given an optimal gloss and moisturizers the hair well, which dry hair needs a lot and will have an effect. Also use argan oil as a post sore to get ‘well fed’ her.
Castor oil: After coconut oil is also a must-mix it with your oil treatment oil to add, castor oil hydrates and makes the hair very soft what women are very curly to her hair is recommended, which also gives a lot of effect firmness of the hair and thickening of the hairs.
Almond oil: Is one of the most famous oils to do in the hair, in addition to the soft hair function, almond oil is also known to make the hair healthy and strong, treated split hair tips.
Olive oil: Also one of the most famous oils to care for the hair; Olive oil is known to keep the hair strong and to feed the split hairs.
Aloe vera oil: This is also a very good oil to hydrate the hair, to stimulate hair growth, to give a lot of shine and strength to her. For people with very dry hair this is a good try to try

How to:

You can combine some oils of your choice, as above, I have indicated some musts that are sure to get effective results together with other oils that you want to add. You are free in what you merge. Look at what you most need hair and then check which oils are best suited to use on your hair. My personal most combined hot oil treatment is so far: Coconut oil, argan oil, aloe vera oil and castor oil. And I have achieved good results through this mix. Because I have a lot of curls myself, this mix is the perfect result for me.

How much needed:

For short hair, use for all oils: 2.5 ml
For medium hair: 5 ml
For long hair: 7 ml
For very long hair: 9 ml

Here’s how to do this:

Mix the oils together in a small plastic bowl.
Boil hot water and add to a larger bowl so that the small bowl of the oils, as it were, gets a hot water bath. This because the microwave does not do much to the oils. Leave it 2 minutes and remove the small bowl.
Make sure your hair is distributed over 4 pieces (2 front, 2 back).
Rub the mixture between your fingertips and spread it over the hair parts, from the hair root to the points. Rub and massage everything well. You do not need much to lubricate your entire hair.
Make a dot in your hair and wear a cap during your sleep or put a towel underneath your pillow.
In the morning, rinse your hair up to 2 times with a natural to mild shampoo. Use a hair care after drying for the points (recommended to use argan oil for optimal results)
et voila.

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